My First Sewing Project

During Christmas I was looking for something I thought I could tackle. Being a novice to sewing I saw this tutorial at Stop Staring and Start Sewing

Well it took me until last weekend to dive into the project. This is the results though it took me 41/2 hours to get to this. It was a great hands on learning process, though I now have more gray in my hair. I am thinking of framing it, but instead I will just put it in my treasure box. I find myself looking forward to the things I can make, rekindling the creative side that I long left in the dust because the world was spinning so fast. As the autumn of my life is beginning I am reaching out to the little girl who would watch her mom cooking, sewing and fill my mind with stories. It is a safe place.


Shean, What a pleasure to meet you! We do have a lot in common especially movies. I am new to sewing as well and have a geek for a son! Love him! You are the first person to answer my quiz correctly - yeah for you! I will be deleting you answer, but will contact you if you win! Thank you so very much for reading my stories and playing along! Elizabeth
Shabbee Chick said…
Hi Shean! Thanks for you encouraging words on my serial commenter! You're a doll! I'll be back soon, so please come visit me again!
I scrolled down to read your enchanting story about your mom, aunt, grandparents and grand Summer memories. The pic of your mom is absolutely adorable!
And...congratulations on this WAY cute apron. Way to go!

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