Travel Fairy

My nephew graduated from High School in May and his 18th birthday was in August right before he started college.  For his Graduation I had to buy him Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, The Place You Will Go” for every occasion he gets a personal piece of short bus art from me, we call it short bus because I am forever making small mistakes which is my signature so they say.  For his birthday I decided to try my hand at another paper clay creature as usual I had no idea what it was going to be until it told me what it was  inspire to be.  Once it was finished I decided it was a travel fairy for he was traveling from childhood to adulthood and the creation could be his companion.  The concept came when I started to make the glasses out of beer caps from Germany (Brau Haus, my hubby lived in Germany in the late 80’s and made beer.  He had a lot left over), the hat reminds me of the hat Van Gogh wore in his self-portrait, the dress is made from scrapbook paper with French chapels, and the arms came from a local resale shop.   My hubby said the arms come up from the base are her friends trying to pull her back down and the saying sums up my nephew, Dream Big, Laugh Hard. I am in love with learning to sculpt the faces; it is relaxing to sit listening to music while my fingers create a new being.  I decided to play with the photo and decided that she needed to travel so here you go. 


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