CoverGirl and Olay Bzz Agent Review

I am a Bzz Agent which means I receive products samples and coupons which I review. To find more information about what a Bzz Agent is and how you can become one, it is free click this link

When I received my Covergirl and Olay foundation along with the pressed powder I could not wait to try it.  I have been using Maybelline Instant Age Rewind along with the Fit me powder which the foundation has always felt a little cakey on my skin so I stopped using the foundation and only using the powder.  Being in my mid 40’s finding a foundation that helps soften my lines and feels light on my skin is important, Covergirl has done that with this foundation and powder.  The foundation glides on your skin without feeling cakey, the coverage is amazing my lines, blemishes disappeared. The powder also left my face feeling so natural and in this Texas heat it held up well to the heat and humidity.  These products are now my go to foundation powder combo and my face will thank me every day.  I went to a party this weekend taking my dolled up face along with coupons to share with the women there, they told me that they would definitely try it out.  Thank you Covergirl for products that keeps my face looking refreshed. 

Here is my before and after look...not the best photos here is a game count how many chins I have. 



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