WIP: The Digital Version

To say I go from one project to the next like an OCD rabbit would be an understatement since I was a small child my interest have been wide never truly settling on one genre I seem to float from vintage to futuristic, sewing to paper art, photograph to digital art the list goes on.  With my camera down (hubby accidentally sent my memory card to parts unknown when he mailed out a package) and hoping that Newegg sends me a new one soon I am unable to start my photo journal, but knowing Texas weather it should arrive once we get a cold snap.  In the interim I decide to research on how to make my blog represent my various sides so as usual I goggled how to and found the mother lode of tutorials.   I found wonderful tutorials on using Picasa for making banners and scrap booking from Clover Lane her blog is informative a must see.  I also found multiple tutorials at The Cutest Blog on the Block which helps me to create the background.   As the days get short I hope to create more I have two binders full of tutorials to help me learn how to use Photoshop, Photoshop Element and Gimp I shall be a happy girl indeed.


Georgie Horn said…
That's a good idea...to get you some edumacation while you wait for your memory card...cause you know it's gonna take awhile for Texas to get cold. lol come get you some puddin n pie...

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