Inspired and Privileged

That sums up how a feel this week.  I was privileged to have won something from my favorite blogger Elizabeth at Creative Breathing a blog which is like home to me, you know a place that is cozy and warm, where you can sit at the table sipping your hot tea sharing stories, a place that lingers with you all day.  Her blog is like that a sanctuary from all the bustle and noise of the day.  I came home to find a package on my desk at home with a familiar name it was like when you where young the excitement you got when your pen pal wrote you back.  I opened to find the most beautiful creations the detail and love that goes into her work is told through her creations. 

I can’t wait for the weekend when I go on my trek through downtown Houston on a mission to find the perfect poor baby shop tree to hang these treasures onto in my craft room.  A tree is the symbol of growth and inspiration to me, so having these pieces hanging from a tree will give me daily inspiration for my own journey through crafting.  Thank you Elizabeth. 

My son is in his last year of Junior College working on his Associate Degree in Arts and decided to take Photography to meet his art requirement. Of course this meant purchasing a 35 mm camera with a lens both of which I have no knowledge about.  We went to a local camera shop and purchased a used Nikon N90 with a basic lens, the purchase of black in white film and other equipment he needs to develop his pictures.  I am so excited about this venture for him having Asperger’s sometimes you forget there is a creative soul inside that just has a different way of expressing their creative side.  My son is extremely sarcastic (a trait he gets from me), dry sense of humor and a giving soul, but sometimes you have to dig to see it shine through.  So his taking photography will give people an insight to what he finds to be inspiring or beautiful in his own unique way and I think they will be shocked by his vision.  Being mom I always knew it was there.  So this week he started to learn to develop film, these are two of his favorite one he developed one is the lights from his ceiling fan and the other is from Huntsville State Park one weekend. I can’t wait to see where this goes, he told me that he is not into nature photography because everyone does it and he is not inspired.  He is inspired by buildings, lines and unique angles as he put it “What I loved about working in Theater Tech in High School building the stage.”  So this weekend we are going exploring through parts of Downtown Houston in search of unique structures and a new lens for the camera. Can’t wait for the next round Christmas Gifts are looking good this year. 


You are so sweet to write a public thank you, not expected at all. Your new blog is absolutely whimsical and delightful and so you! The little girl on the fish and moon are my favorites! Sigh! A beautiful place to visit! Elizabeth
Georgie Horn said…
Hi Carrie,
I tell you a fun place for archetitural pictures: Savannah, Georgia. One of my most favorite places on earth! I'll be having a giveaway soon on my blog. Please pass it on to your followers too. I want to gain followers!
atm1721 said…
I love it! Great new style for your fits you as a person...most perfectly. Let the mind run freely without constrictions and see where it gets you. :)

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