Que Bella

I have joined a wonderful community of the most talented woman the community is Bella Creations and it is the utopia of paper art.  Each month they have a number of challenges so I decided to give it a try.  For the Oh La La Group I took the challenge picture of the tiny dancer placing her through photo shop into a stage with dancers in the background.   I then took Swan Lake sheet music coloring it with light blue chalk in and spraying cooper shimmer ink.  I added the swans to signify the ballet.  This was my first challenge which I found to be exciting and rewarding. 

Swan Lake

For the Voila Ink our challenge was to make a teepee card with a fairy theme.  I was so happy to see a you tube video to guide us through the process.  This too was my first time making a teepee card yet it was tons of fun.  I used fairies from my Dover fairy book coloring each one; I used multiple inks also with two stamps.  I can’t wait to make these for Halloween. 

If you have never visited Bella Creation I highly recommend a look at the site, you will not be disappointed.


Micupoftea~ said…
Woooohooooo!! Great job on the tee peee....yes, they will make awesome Halloween cards! SO glad you are having fun at Voila, Ink!
2amscrapper said…
I'm glad that you're part of Bella Creations and are enjoying the challenges!

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