Let Freedom Ring

Welcome to July and my monthly Homemaker Tag at CreativeBreathing.   July is a month of optimism a time in our country to reflect on what the USA means to each of us, just like all birthdays are a time of reflection.   I was raised in a house filled with pride in our country, respect for the constitution that held our country together.  My parents were born during the stock market crash of 1929, they were teen-ager's during World War II and were married in 1950 in a time of renewal for our young country, raised 5 children during the turbulent 60’s, educated us during the 70’s, watched us start our own lives during the 80’s and 90’s and we lost them in the early 21st century.  I was taught to respect the Presidency, the Constitution, and God.  I was blessed to have a father who loved the law, arguing and teaching with experience as opposed to fancy book learning.   My dad was a yellow dog Democrat, yet he was the most conservative man I knew, but he taught me to debate and to always look at both sides of the argument so that I was able to argue both sides if need be.  It was due to him that I learned compassion, empathy, and that everyone is free to express an opinion whether you agree or not, you must respect that they have the right to that opinion.   Freedom is what I reflect on this July and how this country has slowly abandoned respect for following labels, victimization and belief that words hold more power than an action.  I grew up in a time that respect was a characteristic that was more important than anything, when you would never dream of questioning your parent about their motives.  A time when parents were just that a parent and  it wasn’t until you were older that you learned they were human beings doing the best they could.  I reflect on a time which was not so long ago that this country stood for Freedom, Respect, Unity and Hope, but now I am starting to see that slowly chip away.  I have instilled in my son the keys to understanding what our past was, in hopes that the future will be brighter. 
So for July my tag represents Freedom in the form of 4 women taking to the beach on a hot summer day shedding off the constraints of bondage (i.e. constrictive clothes) to bath in the glory of god’s creations. 
Happy 4th to all.  May Freedom Ring. 

How I created the tag. 


Shean, Your tag is so lovely, but your words are amazing. I enjoyed so much hearing about your parents and the important qualities they passed on to you. It does make you long for the images we so love we individuals did not take for granted their freedoms. Thank you so much for finding our moved tag swap. Your images are always so wonderful! Thank you for sharing your techniques! Elizabeth

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