Dream A Litte Dream of Me

It is June which means Summer time fun, my hubby's birthday and my monthly Homemaker Tag. This month's tag is titled "Dream a Little Dream" for my wonderful hubby.  We met 12 years ago at work I had lost my mom a year before meeting him and my son was 8, I had given up on men or a happy ending so I stopped looking.  When I first met him I didn't really like him, but as time went by I started to get a crush on him. He was with me when I lost my father and my beloved aunt he has held my hand when I was scared and let me fly when I needed to.  He has helped to shape me into the woman I am and has loved me without question, though sometimes he wonders what he did to deserve me. He is my dream come true.  So I decided to make this tag with him in mind..the background is from a German Opera to symbolize his time in Germany in the Army. The woman is me with my butterfly wings flying into his heart. So Happy Birthday to you honey and to all who are celebrating this month. Dream a Little Dream with Me. 


The best kind of paper art there is! One that tells a wonderful story. I think this is my favorite so far. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. Elizabeth
That's such a sweet story and Happy Birthday to your husband. Creative tag and even better that it tells your story and appreciation and love.
xo Nancy
Do please join me at Creative Breathing to share your July tag. I want as many as possible to have the opportunity to enjoy your work as much as I have! Elizabeth

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