Honoring their Service

This month Happy Homemaker Tag  I decided to salute the troops for Memorial Day...keeping with my theme of women I decided to honor the WAAC’s.  My aunt joined the WAAC in order for her to go to Nursing School in the early to mid 40’s, she graduated in 1947.  She once told me the story about going to nursing school with Bill Clinton’s mom and somewhere there is a picture of them all , my whole family was from Shreveport Louisiana which is where she started and then moved on to finish in New Orleans’s.  So here is a Big Thank You to all the Soldiers past and present who have given their lives in service to keeping us safe and free at home. 

Will be adding nice ribbon once it dries

How I did this
I found a picture through a Google search on WAAC’s I then went to picnik to edit the photo.  Picnik is free and if you have photos on Picasa, flikr and off your computer it has multiple was to enhance or edit your photos. Once there I upload my original picture 

I then went to create-effects-black and white (changing the color)
Once that is done I went to pencil sketch and using the fade, sharpen and radius I was able to create the picture to my liking. 

I then used the finish project to create the my tag. 
I used my color pens and embellishments I had on hand to create the rest of the look.  I used for the first time alcohol ink to create the background. 

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Memorial Day.  My May is crazy with my nephew's wedding next week and showers galore it is run run run. 


She'sSewPretty said…
Wow!! I love how you made your tag. I would never have guessed that you hand colored your tag. What a nice way to remember our women troops too!!
Debbie Doughty said…
Love your tag. Love the theme. Thanks for the great tips :)
Thank you so much for sharing the details of how you created this tag. I love the effect you have achieved. Your theme is so appropriate for this month. I love the idea of young women having the courage to serve at a time most would not even think of such a thing. Love this tag! Elizabeth
Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. I read your profile and looked at your blog and you just cracked me up! You are so funny. Thank you for making my day!!!

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