Diving In

Today is the day I start my dive into a new me.  As I said I went to the doctor who told me I needed to change my lifestyle now.  I am not ashamed to admit that being 43, 5ft. 2in. and weighing 193 pounds is not ideal.  Looking at my family history of stroke, heart disease and the fact I lost my mother when I was 30 and father when I was 33 is the driving force of this new chapter.  So I have set my first goal….starting today and ending on the 17th of February I will spend 30 min. a day in exercise  (so far I am trying jump rope, along with yoga for stretching) counting my calories daily and allowing myself 2 hours a night to watching my television.  I started today healthy breakfast and leftover Low Carb and Gluten Free Fish Chowder for lunch, when my husband asked for this I was a little scared, but after the first taste I was hooked.  If you are daring the recipe can be found here:http://www.expertfoods.com/Recipes/fish-chowder.php

My son is starting who is in his second year of college decided to take his Kinesiology class this semester. He taught that Racquetball sounded fun so why not; I can’t wait till he starts so he can teach me to play. His school is a community college which is just ½ a mile from our house they offer the use of the gym to the community at a nominal fee.  You have to plan your workout around the classes but the full use of the gym at less the $8 a month is unbelievable.   With that my son said he would be my gym buddy. I need to get in shape for our yearly trip to Austin for  SXSW Interactive or as I call it Geek Mecca, our yearly pilgramage starts March 11 to March 13  and we will be walking all over the place.  So I begin diving into the depths of change with goals in hand I hope to make it to the shore.


Triplet Mami said…
DUDE! That is awesome! Sending luck and hugs your way!

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