A place I would love to go someday

In the early part of the year my hubby was supposed to get his passport for work so that if he had to travel he would be ready. He got everything together to go do it when my car and his truck got broken into, in his truck was all his paperwork, (i.e. social, birth certificate, wallet etc.) needless to say it was crazy for a time. We live in a place where it is not uncommon to not lock doors so the kids that did this hit alot of cars that night the next day they where picked up but they had ditch most of the stuff. So we had to wait 2 months to get his birth certificate since he was born in California, but once it came in they need him to get his passport quick he was heading to Scotland for two weeks. The week before he was to leave we bought my son his first car (a stick) which he didn't know how to drive only to have a few days to teach a left handed, Aspergerian 18 year old who hadn't driven in a year..believe me it didn't go so well. My son was to start his first day of college the Monday after hubby left on his trip thanks to my sister we found a way for him to get to school and I am proud to say after a month his driving has improved now we are down to one stall a month.

Hubby left for Scotland on August 22 to return home on the 4th of September it was the longest two weeks. He hadn't been to Europe since he was stationed in Germany in the late 80's. Though he was there for business he had one weekend to see Scotland so I asked him to pick up a camera to take pictures of a place I had long to see, but my fear of flying and finances have made it impossible to see. So I am sharing with you the pictures he took with a disposable camera as he spent the weekend touring around Aberdeen and Edinburgh.



Priscila said…
Scotland is somewhere I would love to visit!!! Its just beautiful!!! Plus the accents are really cute :)
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