Heading down the highway

So today was a momentous occasion in our home, my son got his first car. We promised him we would get him one for graduation and my hubby took the week off to check out cars. Now my hubby is notorious for his careful ways when purchasing a car, he knows what to look for since he has worked on cars most of his life along with working at a paint and body shop in his youth. He is also notorious for purchasing the first car he test drives which in this case became my son's first car, problem is it is a manual which neither my son or I can drive but we will be getting a crash course in this. He theory was since my son like me has a way to go to another planet sometimes that a manual will make sure he has to concentrate on what he is doing, plus it is something everyone needs to know how to do. Last month my son started to complain of extreme pain in his abdomen long story short after Cat Scans, blood work and a few doctor visits we have an appointment to see a gastrointornigist next week to see if it is Colitis, Crones or ulcer, this on the heels of him starting college classes. I am blessed with my family, they are the puzzle piece that completes me everyday I see the hand of God walking with them.


Triplet Mami said…
Wow, what an ocassion! I remember getting my first car and all I can say is that freedom is wonderful. I'm sure he is loving it!
Cal said…
It's a wonderful feeling to have that freedom from a first car. Hope the visit to the gastrointornigist brings welcome news.
Cal x

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