The story of the quilt

Saturday was the triplets 1st birthday it was the first time I had seen them since they had come home from the hospital. Boy had they grown so much they are the most adorable babies full of looks of wonderment. I have to say they are some of the most content children I have seen they enjoyed being surrounded by people. In my previous update I posted the pictures for the girls quilts which unbeknown to me I did in their colors (Gods work on that one, but I also decided I would tackle a sundress. Now I am still a novice at sewing, but I thought how hard could it be to make a simple sundress I soon learned. I spent a weekend making them only to mess them up I gave up hope that they could be saved until I spoke with my sister. With the help of my sister who taught me the importance of not sewing everything up until you make a facing (which was something new to me), snaps, zipper and such. We spent Friday working on fixing them and I hope they fit them if not I will try again this time with the knowledge my yoda has given me. Friday I also finished their son's quilt and have every intention of making him a matching space ship I had started on it but in my rush on Saturday it became clear it was not to be, but I will complete it in time for the holidays. I was able to make the girls a sock doll each with the color each of their hair again without known I did it in their colors. I wrapped the dresses in the quilt laid the dolls on top and tied it with a ribbon. I hope that it holds a special place for them as they grow older. I am finding my style in that I love making toys and quilts when the fabric speaks to me it tells a story of what I hope to give to someone. I have some Dick and Jane fabric that spoke to me telling the tale of a childhood full of innocence and to hand that tale to someone else is a true gift.

Here are the photos I took of their presents sorry so blurry I was in a rush.


Cal said…
They are so lovely and glad you're persevering with the sundress. There are loads of mistakes in this house!!
You've given them something very special t cherish.
Cal x
You are having such fun with these babies! Your sundresses turned out as cute as can be. The little sock babies are so sweet. Fun all around! Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week! Elizabeth
Aly Beth said…
I love these stories!!


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