Look What I Did

OK I am so happy it came out right. Friends of mine have triplets and it is their first birthday coming up so I decided to try my hand at making them each a quilt along with other stuff. I have made both the girls a doll quilt and will be making the boys tomorrow and will have additional photos of the finished project. It has been so much fun getting back to sewing after my hiatus. So without further ado.....

Front of quilt:

Back of quilt:

Front of other quilt:

Back of other quilt:

I am also getting to the TUTU's soon


Cal said…
Oh Shean I love that fabric. Those little ducks are so cute. And I like the other fabric too. The triplets will be thrilled with their lovely gift.

Cal x
Shean! You have made my day! One because your entire blog is now Malabar Green - my favorite color, and two because your quilts are beyond cute, and three because you have responded to my request for a block! I am so happy to be receiving one from you. Blocks will be slower on my end, but oh so fun!!! Your new blog look is inspiration station! Elizabeth

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