Imagination Station

I remember as a young girl in the 70’s that we did not have the cool toys they have today. We would spend hours make believe with nothing more than a large refrigerator box, blanket and a picnic basket making it our house, space ship, theater or school. My mother had old school desk that ranged from 2 from the 30’s or 40’s and one that was from the early 60’s I bet they where a garage sale purchase, but I would ask my neighborhood friends over and we would play school. I had a huge playhouse in the backyard with a chalkboard we would keep our school supplies and the library had wonderful book sales that we could get school books. Those where the day that imagination was abundant we had little TV, no computers, and everyone in the neighborhood. I am sadden that there is a whole generation that was left behind when it came to imagination they are the generation that was in dated with x-box, Nintendo, computers, iPods’ etc. I am guilty of this because my son is that geek. We did a lot of imagination plays, but he was born with a realist side as much as I tried to expand his mind, but he did expand his interest later on. With more and more mom’s opting to stay at home and raise their children more and more imaginative play is come back, sometimes it is better to go back especially when that time was magical. So to that mom’s with small children who love to expand their creative side with their youngins here is a list of some really great places to go to get some ideas. My little one is grown but there are some special people that I can’t wait to make some of this with.


Shean, I loved your story today about refridgerator boxes! Are we getting old or what! Thank you for sharing on my blog. I absolutly love hearing about vegetables and fences and trains! Elizabeth
Short term memory! I know what I wanted to ask you. What is a hurricane fence? And pardon my cityness, how do figs grow? And, is a fig a dried prune? I am a very curious person, I love knowing these things! Have a great weekend! E

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