Valentine Tradition

Valentine’s Day was an event in my house since our last name was Valentine. My mother always said that there was a birthday every month in our family, but no one was born in February since it was our month. Every Valentine’s Day was like Christmas with all the presents, we would get socks, candy, knick knacks, etc. The house would be decorated with hearts that we made, cookies baked in the shape of hearts, my mother loved holidays. . It was the one time we all went out to a nice restaurant to enjoy a meal. I remember going to school with a box dressed up in hearts waiting for the cards to be passed out, cake, cookies and kool-aid. Then the cutest boy in class would give you a heart with words that made your heart flutter, only to find out years later that every girl got the same one. Everyone would count to see who got the most Valentine cards, which one had a special saying on the back, to this day somewhere I have a Valentine from one of those cute boys. We would sit in class making cut out hearts with pink construction paper, dollies covered the mistakes, written in red crayon. A cherished memory of a time when innocence was a virtue, we lived in a moment full of possibilities. Valentine’s Day meant telling those around you that they where loved, cherished and sometimes to declare your crush. It wasn’t about commercial products tents full of roses making it easier to picked up. It was a time when you made something special to reflect what they meant to you, write a special something in a card, eating a dinner together, speaking soft words, putting thought into the day. This was my mother‘s meaning of Valentine’s Day she had the same enthusiasm with ever holiday are house was a box full of decorations, yet the 14th meant more to her. My sister has taken the baton on her spirit for the holidays filling boxes full of decorations carrying on the tradition of handmade heart made by her kids displayed. I take pride in having my name as Valentine it is a badge I wear, on the 14th I proudly shout to everyone in the world, “Happy Me Day.”

My mom always wanted someone to be born on Valentine’s Day; unfortunately she was not alive to see that happen. Ten years ago my second oldest brother’s wife gave birth to a daughter on February 13th,as she was in labor she prayed that she could hold on unto midnight, but I believe my mom had other plans. She made sure our day was as special as she believed us to be.

I miss you Mom, Happy Us Day.


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