Purple Paisley Patch International Women's Day

Purple Paisley Patch is have an International Women's Day Fat Quarter Swap. Click the link above it will take you to her blog with the rules to the swap. It will take place until February 20th. So join in and lets celebrate the wonderful women who help make our lives great.


Hi Shean! Thank you for solving my puzzle! Could you please post your answer under the TSG post so that only the correct guessers can see? You have the most eclectic profile I have ever read - it's wonderful! The Fountainhead has been a favorite book since forever. That's a title that made me so happy to see. Your movie taste runs from A to Z! and so does your music choices. With TSG home today, who loves music, she had me listening to groups I have never heard of to Ella Fitzgerald! Free spirits the both of you! Have a great weekend, and thank you so much for your kind comments on my stories! Elizabeth

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