The Misfits

I joined Facebook about a year ago because of my niece, she invited so I went. I tried to look up old friends from school, but got sidetracked by life. The beginning of this week I got a message asking me to add a friend and the sky opened up with friends some I haven’t seen in close to 30 years.

The picture above is my 6th grade picture it reflects one of the best times in my life. Most of the people in that picture I was in class with from Kindergarten until High School. We knew each other parents, fought over boys, who had the best hair, a gang of misfits. This was my magical time I was the nerdy frizzy hair girl with my Battlestar Galatia glasses, I am the second to the last on the second row right. That picture was a lot better than my 4th grade when my mom decided it would be great to give me a perm. I looked like a French poodle. When I entered 6th grade we started with a teacher who had been a 2nd grade teacher for over 30 years, she would begin our class with the following saying:

1, 2 sit up straight please do
3, 4 feet flat on the floor
5, 6 pick up your sticks
7, 8 paper straight
9, 10 lets begin

Thanks to my friend Shawn who remember it all. Our class was made up of the misfits are so the principal thought and would not let us forget. Our teacher decided that teaching 6th grade was too much for her so we got a new teacher. Ms. Collins started and ended with our class it was her first and last time to teach, because of us. We where a spirited class of high strung, class clowns, who questioned authority daily. I truly believe she loved us, but like a family drove her crazy. She was the best teacher I had and one who taught me to stand up for myself. This was the grade that I got sent to the office for the first time for telling Shawn (who was one of my best friends) that he needed a sex change. We got off with a warning by my crying and explaining I did not know what that meant, I heard about it by watching a Woody Allen movie. It was the start of “Mud Bowl” when we all ended up with mud from head to toe, we did mud wrestling before it was cool. We came back to class to hear how much of a disappointment we where from the principal. Once that picture was up on Facebook everyone had a laugh as we walked down memory lane. I think she would be proud of the people we became that the misfits are no longer missing.


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