Animal Farm

Here are some pictures of the pets we have at home. When we moved into the house 2 years ago we had a beautiful dog named Sadie she was 13 at the time and a great dog. About 5 months ago she started to have a harder time getting around and was losing weight, but she was still eating. It was during Hurricane Ike that it because apparent what had to be done. It was so hard for the hubby to put her down since this was the first dog he had owned. She is resting in the backyard near the fig tree her favorite spot.


Fig Tree

After living in our house for a year we became the proud home to two street cats are as we like to say the neighborhood cats. They are both outdoor cats which works out fine because both I and hubby are allergic to cat dander. During the winter they live in our garage (we leave the door open for them). They are strange cats, PK a.k.a. psycho kitty loves to get on the roof of the house so she can check out fireworks and such, while grey kitty likes to hunt and bring us her victims. Grey will knock on the door in the morning to let you know she is hungry while PK talks to you. During Ike we had to leave the door to the house open so they decided that it was their chance to explore our home. Since then if you leave the door from the garage to the house open they roam in. Once I found Grey up on the kitchen nook window ledge sunbathing.

Grey Kitty in here favorite spot

PK and Grey Sunbathing

We also have a slug called sluggo he comes by every night to see what is left in the cat bowl. On the weekend he brings his girlfriend slugette for a date night.


Last but not least is the fish. We have a hummingbird that comes every year and this year he brought his lady love when spring comes I will have pictures.


Shari said…
I always enjoy looking at the pictures of all the beloved animals on blogs. . . but I've never come across a slug before!! How funny!! Little Sluggo has found himself a good food source!

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